Weekday 13:00-19:30 平日
Weekend & National Holidays 10:00-19:30 土日祝

Thursdays 木曜定休

Numabukuro3-5-4,Nakano,Tokyo 中野区沼袋3-5-4
It is 1-minute walk from the nearest station, Numabukuro Station on the Seibu Shinjuku Line.It is a popular area surrounded by shopping streets and houses.
A short walk from the shop, you will find the "Heiwa no Mori Park" with a playground, field track, a large open space, athletics, and the newly established "Kirin Lemon Sports Center" as a ward general gymnasium.
You can also enjoy sports, jogging, training, and leisurely walks.
It is about a 15-minute walk from the popular Nakano Station area.
In the spring, it is recommended that you take a leisurely stroll along Nakano-dori, which is popular for its rows of cherry blossom trees, and nearby temples and shrines.